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The worldwide Global Water Dances event will be linked throughout the day via broadcast media and the internet. This event will challenge countless observers, locally and online, to deepen their understanding about the importance of water in human communities.


Each local event invites participation, teaches about our local and/or worldwide water crises and inspires imagination. Taking responsibility for valuing and protecting water flows easily into other ways of caring for the planet (carbon footprint, recycling, etc). Local communities will be encouraged not only to dance but also to find ways to take action to solve their immediate water challenges, thinking globally while acting locally.






We invite choreographers, dance groups, community organizations, environmentalists, artists, musicians, water activists and all that are interested to join in and participate. Each Global Water Dances local event reflects the importance of water as seen by that local community and in the eco-systems we share. In each location we invite participation to help spread the word about our local and/or worldwide water challenges. Join the Global Water Dances team as activist, audience, performer or helper. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.





If you are a choreographer, we invite you to work with the people in your community to drive a process that builds up collaboration with a wide range of artists, scientists, and environmental activists. Interested? CLICK HERE FOR CHOREOGRAPHERS.







Want to bring Global Water Dances to your school, organization, venue or population? We will bring FUN customized, movement-based water education and participatory performances to your group.


We thank our previous and current partners for their support:


The NYC City Parks Department
Ed Henkel Movement Talks
The Central Park Conservancy
World Water Rescue Foundation
Organizing for Action
Columbia Water
Our Humanity Matters
Matt Malina of NYC H20
Soul Arts Academy
Belly Dance America
Urban Zen
Sarah Lawrence College
New York-New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program
PS 164 Caesar Rodney
The Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club
PS 89 Liberty School
Sane Energy Project
Artichoke Dance Company
Dynamic Embodimentâ„¢
Rosendale Theatre
Rickshaw Media

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